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With most front mounts, minor trimming of the fascia at front of vehicle is required for a proper install. Refer to front receiver installation instructions for more information.


The SNOWSPORT® LT Utility Plow is an easy-to-install and operate snow plow that includes a model specific front mount. A 1" rubber-cutting edge makes a clean cut in the snow to leave the surface of the driveway smooth and flat without scratching concrete or tearing up grass. If you're looking for an affordable snow plow for your home, the SNOWSPORT® LT Utility Plow is a great option.

Plow Package includes: Aluminum Blade, Push Frame, Hardware Kit, Straight Interceptor & 2" Model-Specific Front Mount.

Note: These front mounts require 8 to 14 inches of clearance from under receiver to level grade when installed. Vehicles with suspension modifications (over-sized tires, lift kits, etc.) could encounter improper fitment for SNOWSPORT® plow use.

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Snow Plow Push Frame

Heavy Duty Push Frame

Let's blade slide down and up following terrain. Blade secures using quick pins in the plow or transport position.

Snow Plow 1 Pin Install

Easy on and off

Fastens with a single pin, zero tools needed. Simply interchanges from 1 truck to another when outfitted with 2 in. receiver. No hydraulic and electrical parts to maintain or breakdown.

Aluminum Snow Blade

Corrosion Resistant, Aluminum Blade

Corrosion resistant, anodized aluminum blade is pickup friendly and stacks snow taller than pickup's hood. Blade offered in 82 in. long and 14-1/2 in. high.

Rubber Blade

Turf Friendly Cutting Edge

Lasting longer than a steel cutting edge, the strong one inch wide rubber functions impressively on brick, grass, concrete, gravel and asphalt.

No Electrical Wiring

No Wiring or Extra Lights

Low profile blade does not obstruct original equipment manufacturer headlights in the transport or plow position, no need to remove snowplow when driving.

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Review by: Roger S.- ME   star star star star star

I will have to say I love this plow. It only has a couple of drawbacks for me. First of all, the instructions are quite clear on how to assemble but I wished that the holes needed to mount the rubber cutting edge came already drilled. I also found with our early November snowstorm here in northern Maine (it was a very heavy wet snow) that you will have to make a few extra passes to get that wet snow back. I did not use the hold down strap during that storm so I cant say if using the strap would have helped in a situation like that or not. Since these are what I call minor issues, the plow will get 5 stars from me because it will do what it is designed to do and at a decent price as well.

Review by: Ron R.- CT   star star star star star

So far, so good. The plow requires some assembly, but nothing complex. Ive had a lot of use for the plow this winter and it works well. Ill typically plow at 4 inches - any greater snow depth starts to result in a wall of snow, more then my SUV can handle. I totally recommend the plow.

Review by: Frank L.- NH   star star star star star

The plow woks better than I expected and is fine for my purpose. I use it for a rather wide and long driveway. It saves me considerable time compared to the snow thrower.