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Don't let road debris ruin an otherwise perfect day. Protect your toys as you head out on adventures with the ROCKSTAR™ Full Width Tow Flap! These towing mud flaps are engineered to hang discreetly under the rear bumper of your pickup truck for superior protection from flying debris while linch pins offer a quick and easy way to attach and remove from vehicle. These rock guard mud flaps are designed model specific to give you the best mud flaps for your pickup and are available for a selection of Ram, Ford, Chevy, GMC, Toyota and dually trucks. Durable and stylish, these ROCKSTAR™ Full Width Tow Flaps are model-specific with a contoured design for complete coverage on any terrain.


ROCKSTAR™ Full Width Tow Flaps

ROCKSTAR™ Full Width Tow Flaps contour to your truck with full width protection from gravel and other road related debris. Constructed with corrosion resistant, urethane coated aluminum and durable, impact-resistant composite rubber that can be attached or removed from your truck in seconds. Install these bumper mudguards in minutes utilizing existing holes, no drilling required. Choose from standard to get tow flap that fits your stock pickup perfectly or go with the adjustable to add length for oversized tires and lift kits. Enjoy the drive without the worry, ROCKSTAR™ Full Width Tow Flaps give the ultimate towing protection.

ROCKSTAR™ Commercial Tow Flaps

Built for the working class, the ROCKSTAR™ Commercial Tow Flaps provide full width coverage necessary for HD pickups and dually trucks. These under bumper mud flaps also contour specifically to your pickup with complete protection from side to side against damaging road debris. Manufactured from heavy duty, impact-resistant rubber with an extruded aluminum stabilizing bar you can mount on either side. Easily attach or remove these towing mud flaps from your pickup in seconds without any tools to store while not in use. The ROCKSTAR™ Commercial Tow Flaps deliver heavy-duty protection for your HD trucks or dually pickups.