Designed by people who need their pickup trucks to work as hard as they do, ADARAC™ Truck Bed Rack Systems take cargo capacity to new heights. Literally! From ladders to lumber or kayaks to overland tents, look no further than the full line of steel and aluminum ADARAC™ Truck Racks. Engineered for trouble-free installation on Chevy, GMC, Ford, Lincoln, Ram and Toyota trucks thanks to our unique ADARAC™ Aluminum Utility Rails and mounting channels, this versatile pickup truck rack includes fully adjustable uprights and crossbars to maximize your truck's functionality. ADARAC™ Pickup Racks are also compatible with most inside-the-rail truck bed covers to keep the gear in your truck bed protected while you're on the go.

Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs. static, 500 lbs. dynamic and 400 lbs. off-road dynamic, evenly distributed. Some vehicle manufacturers require reinforcement kits prior to installation. See vehicle owner's manual and dealership for specifications and load ratings.


ADARAC™ Aluminum Series Truck Bed Racks

ADARAC™ Aluminum M-Series and ADARAC™ Aluminum Series Truck Bed Racks feature heavy-duty aluminum construction and convenient installation for the most versatile ladder rack on the market without the hassle of complicated installations or upright adjustments. Incorporated accessory channels along the ADARAC™ Aluminum Utility Rails and crossbars make adding your necessities quick and easy. Maximize your truck bed capacity with a kayak rack that can keep up no matter the weekday job or weekend adventure. Whether you're using an ADARAC™ Aluminum Series to haul canoes to the lake or an M-Series as the base for your overland tent rack, ADARAC™ Bed Racks put the FUN in functionality.

ADARAC™ Aluminum Pro Series Truck Bed Racks

Engineered to maximize hauling capacity with limited framework interference, the ADARAC™ Aluminum Pro Series will easily carry all your gear on your next adventure. It doesn't matter if you're using it as a ladder rack to haul lumber and tools to the job site or adding all the must-have overland accessories to your ADATRAC™ System while you build the roof top tent rack of your dreams on an ADAGRID™ Platform. Haul more without compromise, ideal for trucks with roll up and hard folding tonneau covers alike. The ADARAC™ Truck Racks are built tougher to haul more and do more.