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ROCKSTAR™ Splash Guard Mud Flaps provide protection so good you forget they're on your truck. All of our model specific and universal behind the wheel mud flaps are made with durable, impact-resistant composite rubber to shield your vehicle from rocks, mud, salt and road grime kicked up by your tires. Our mud guards also come in multiple sizes to ensure you have the best possible coverage no matter the type of rig you drive. We even have full coverage for pickups with oversized tires and dually trucks. Keep your truck protected as you traverse muddy, slushy and rocky roads with ROCKSTAR™ Splash Guard Mud Flaps.


Model Specific Mud Flaps

ROCKSTAR™ Splash Guard Mud Flaps are the answer for a better-looking pickup truck and valuable protection within minutes thanks to our easy installation. Our custom splash guards are designed specifically for each application for a perfect fit. The extruded composite rubber features precision-cut mounting locations and utilizes as many of the existing fastener holes as possible for little to no drilling. Select either our midsize 18 in. or full size 20 and 23 in. long behind the wheel mud flaps for the perfect balance of fit and performance. Turn off the worry and turn on the fun with ROCKSTAR™ Splash Guard Mud Flaps.

Universal Mud Flaps

Aggressive tread on tires is great for traction, but the deep grooves can throw up mud, stones, dirt, salt and other road debris. ROCKSTAR™ Splash Guard Mud Flaps not only protect your own vehicle, but also help protect other vehicles on the road as well as what you tow. Choose between flush or offset protection, ROCKSTAR™ TERRAIN™ Mud Guards and Hybrid Behind the Wheel Mud Flaps provide the best coverage for pickups with lift kit and oversized tires, even dually pickups. Flying road debris hazards are unavoidable, give your vehicle an added layer of protection with universal ROCKSTAR™ Splash Guard Mud Flaps.