Located under rear panel on driver side

Item Part No. Description Price Qty
4005483 Latching System (Latches and Hardware)  $13.00
  4000005 Cord Guide Bracket  $1.50
  90819 Replacement End Plug Kit (2 plugs w/hardware)  $3.00
90818 Standard Replacement Hook Kit (2 hooks w/hardware)  $11.00
4003715 Standoff  $5.00
90824 Replacement Storage Clip Kit (2 bungees w/ hardware)  $16.00
  4008195 Storage Bracket Replacement Kit (2 brackets w/ hardware) $10.00
4002896 Replacement Tacoma Front Bulb Seal Kit (5' 4" long) (for 16-ON Toyota Tacoma)  $23.50
4002895 Front J Seal Replacement Kit (6' long)  $28.00
  4007644 Hard Cover Element Seal Gasket  $19.00
4001369 Replacement Side Seal Kit (7' long)  $39.00
4003037 Replacement Rear Seal Kit (6' long)  $27.00
  Side Rail Assembly (Driver side) $130.00 Requires Serial #   Not Available
  Side Rail Assembly (Passenger side) $130.00 Requires Serial #   Not Available
4000261 Standard Clamp Kit (6 pack)  $24.00
4000229 Standard Clamp Kit (8 pack)  $32.00
4005447 Replacement Retainment Bracket & Safety Strap Kit (2 brackets & straps w/ hardware)  $17.00
4007432 Front Catch Bracket Replacement Kit (1 bracket w/ hardware)  $5.00
90817 Replacement Catch Bracket Kit (1 bracket w/ hardware)  $5.00
  4005306 Edge Paint Kit $20.00
  4005308 Scratch Paint Kit $25.00
  4005302 Deburr Kit $20.00
  4005304 Hinge Gap Repair Kit $35.00
  4003204 Channel Repair Kit $27.00
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California Residents: Prop 65 Warning

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Review by: Thorunton Y. - WI   star star star star star

Ordered was received fast

Review by: John H. - MI   star star star star star

Had to buy a new retaining strap assembly for my hard trifold. First time I actually went to use it the end pulled out and the cap went flying. Had to buy a set of two even though I only needed one. New one seems sturdy so maybe I just got a bad one out of production line. Overall love my cover. Would be nice if they covered defects in products a couple months old.

Review by: Patrick Z. - MN   star star star star star

Works as it should easy and efficient

Review by: Kevin S. - NV   star star star star star

Was expecting to receive an exact replacement of the weather strip but I'm glad I got whatever it was they sent. It sealed the cover even better than what actually came with my Lomax. 99% waterproof now!

Review by: KEITH S. - TX   star star star star star