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The ACI Off-Road LED Light Wiring Kit simplifies the installation of any off-road lights including ACI Off-Road LED Lights. It's a plug and play solution for installing lights on all kinds of vehicles.

The harness includes:

  • On/Off switch with LED indicator
  • 30-amp waterproof fuse
  • 40-amp automotive relay
  • Two DT connectors to attach to lights
The kit also includes two lead wires with DT connectors, butt connectors and heat-shrink tubing to attach to the lights.

This kit can be used to install up to two LED lights that use up to 150 watts of power each. The kit gives you 113 inches of wire length from the relay to the light and 110 inches of wire length from the relay to the switch, letting it work under the hoods of most vehicles.

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