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Established in 1981, Agri-Cover, Inc. leads the fertilizer industry in innovation, design and function. From manual to electric roll tarps, SRT-2® Spool Roll Tarp Systems are engineered for the fertilizer industry and designed model specific to perfectly fit an assortment of OEM application equipment with New Leader boxes like John Deere, Case IH, GVM, AGCO, RBR and Salford just to name a few. We also deliver innovative AGRI-COVER® Roll Tarp Accessories such as bin extensions and bin dividers to increase your bin compacity while keeping your fertilizers separated from filling to application. Let the wind blow and maintain full control with SRT-2® Spool Roll Tarp System!


New Leader and John Deere Tarps for Sale

For quick and easy ordering, Agri-Cover, Inc. offers dedicated part numbers for stainless steel roll tarps engineered to fit OEM application equipment with New Leader boxes. We have complete John Deere Roll Tarp Kits available for G5 Spinners, G4 Spinners, G4 Edge Spinners and Compost Spreaders. We also have complete New Leader Roll Tarp Kits available for Case IH Trident, Case IH Titan, AGCO RoGator, AGCO TerraGator, RBR Enterprise Vector and GVM Prowler. Our SRT-2® Spool Roll Tarp offers innovative design, incredible speed and precise control.

AGRI-COVER® Roll Tarp Dealers

AGRI-COVER® SRT-2® Spool Roll Tarps are designed, engineered and manufactured in Jamestown, North Dakota to fit OEM fertilizer applications with its premium stainless steel tarp option. We have AGRI-COVER® Dealers across the United States, find a qualified AGRI-COVER® Tarp Dealer by using our Dealer Locator to assist you in finding the best roll tarp system, the right roll tarp replacement parts or simply handling the installation. Take control of your agricultural tarp, AGRI-COVER® Tarp Systems are precision crafted for unparalleled performance.