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Why should you upgrade your stock lights? Because stock truck bed lights offer minimal lighting compared to aftermarket cargo lights. Agri-Cover, Inc. offers a wide range of pickup bed cargo lights for sale from LED tailgate light bar to LED motion activated lights and LED strip lights with hardwired and battery-operated designs available. These practical choices deliver an enhanced experience for anything needing to be done from late evenings to early mornings by providing simple visibility and safety. No matter your reason for adding a truck bed light to your pickup, ACI™ LED Lights are your truck lighting solution!


Truck Bed Lights for Sale

Stop fumbling around in the dark, add some light to make finding what you are looking for easier. Agri-Cover, Inc. offers four varieties of LED pickup bed lights for sale.

Truck bed lights are ideal when using a topper, lid or tonneau cover by easily adding extra lighting to your truck box. ACI™ LED Strip Lights are available in four lengths with safety and accessibility in mind and can be wired to any 12-volt power source for bright, energy-efficient light. ACI™ Back-Up Tailgate Light Bar is designed to be wired into the reverse light of your truck to provide more light when backing up and a clear sign you are reversing.

Truck Bed Cargo Lights

Battery powered cargo lights are ideal for any place where hands-free lighting is helpful. ACI™ AA Battery LED Light is battery powered LED truck bed light, no wiring required. You get instant light by a push of a button. The adjustable automatic shut-off turns the light off with your choice of three or five minutes. ACI™ Motion Activated Light is also a battery powered pickup bed light that turns on automatically when motion is detected in the dark and turns off automatically when no motion is detected.