NOTE: ACI Replacement tarps are custom made to your order and are non-returnable. Accurate PHYSICAL measurements are ESSENTIAL for proper tarp fit. Always use actual tape measurements. Never rely on universal box sizes. Box size and finished tarp size are not the same.
Choose Tarp System: Please check the system that you have and wish to replace:
Spool Roll Tarp System
EZ-LOC® / AutoLock™ Tarp (Latchplate Style) System
SHUR-LOK Brand* Tarp or ROLTEC (Latchplate Style) System
Spool Roll Tarp System: part image
Select Type of Spool Roll System:
SRT-2A nylon spool aluminum roll tube w/ rope channel
replacement tarp system
SRT-2 nylon spool steel roll tube w/ rivets
replace tarp system
SRT-1 w/ tapered aluminum spool, steel roll tube w/ rivets
part image
  If yours is option SRT-1, please select:
Seam Inside
Seam Outside
Select Type of Latchplate System:
EZ-LOC® / AutoLock™: tarp attaches to 2" aluminum roll tube in rope channel
part image
part image
OTHER SYSTEMS: tarp attaches to roll tube with webbing straps and clips
replace shur-lok tarp
Quantity of Straps:
replace shurco shur-lok tarps
A: Outside End Cap to End Cap:  Inches
B: End Cap Width
Front:  Inches
 Rear:  Inches
C: End Cap Height:  Inches
D: Finished Sewn Tarp Length:  Inches
Finished Sewn Tarp  Width:  Inches
E: How Many Straps (only if original tarp has them):
Box  Width:  Inches
Box Length:  Inches
Tarp Color:
Black White Gray Blue Red
Orange Yellow Green Brown Multi-Color
Construction Belly Dump Trailer: Check if this tarp is for a Construction Belly Dump Trailer
Contact Information:
Contact Person:
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California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


All tarps are custom made to your specific dimensions. Please measure accurately as we do not offer refunds on our tarp systems.

*SHUR-LOK is a Registered Trademark of Shur-Co (Shur Company, Yankton, SD). Agri-Cover, Inc. (ACI) is not related to or affiliated with Shur-Co and does not sell and is not offering to sell Shur-Co products.