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How to Measure Truck Bed

The ACCESS® Limited Roll-Up Cover and rack system gives you our top-of-the-line tonneau cover, which comes with bonus accessories not included with any other cover, and a tough rack to carry long pieces of cargo.

Pickup rack and tonneau cover teamwork

Installing an ACCESS® Limited Roll-Up Cover and an ADARAC™ Truck Bed Rack System gives you the benefits of a durable tonneau cover and a useful pickup rack at the same time. This rack and tonneau cover can double your truck's cargo space.

The ACCESS® Limited Roll-Up Cover mounts to the inside of a truck's bed, and the ADARAC™ Truck Bed Rack System attaches to the top of the bed. There is no need to remove one or the other. The rack sits ready for cargo, and you only need to roll up the tonneau cover when you need full access to the open truck bed. All ACCESS® Roll-Up Covers and ADARAC™ Truck Bed Racks are built to give a close fit to your truck bed. These truck accessories get a custom fit on most Ford, Chevrolet, GMC and Dodge Ram trucks.

About the ACCESS® Limited Roll-Up Cover

This ladder rack and tonneau cover system gives you a tonneau cover designed for rough weather. The vinyl is made to handle hot, harsh sun and brutal cold, as low as -40F. The tonneau cover is sealed on all four sides to keep the weather out. It also comes with our ELEMENT SEAL™ Gasket and our TRAILSEAL® Tailgate Gasket to give extra protection at the front and rear of the bed.

This cover also includes a few bonus items:
• Tie-down rings on each clamp give you extra locations to secure loose cargo with straps
• An ACCESS™ EZ-RETRIEVER® II Cargo Reaching Tool that lets you grab items from the front of the bed or organize your cargo while standing at the tailgate
• An ACCESS® AA Battery LED Light to light up any dark space you choose, including your truck bed
• A 2-ounce bottle of ACCESS® COVER CARE® Cleaner to restore your tonneau cover's clean look and protect it from UV damage

The ACCESS® Limited Roll-Up Cover is an increased-capacity tonneau cover, and sits 1 ½" above the bed to provide more room underneath for cargo. It includes our Premium Cover™ Warranty that lasts as long as you own your truck.

About the ADARAC™ Truck Bed Rack System

This system gives you a rack that can handle many roles. Ladder rack. Canoe/kayak rack. Lumber rack. If it weighs less than 500 pounds, this pickup rack can carry it.

The ADARAC™ Truck Bed Rack System has steel rails, bars and hardware. The rails have multiple mounting points along their lengths to let the uprights be mounted in many configurations. They can also be mounted at the front or removed entirely whenever you need to load something particularly big. These mounting points also give you more options for tying down cargo to keep it secure.

Features of the ADARAC™ Truck Bed Rack System

Adarac gives your truck a clean look

The Right Height

Rises approximately 27" above the box rail in most applications, 30" above the box rail for Ford Super Duty. The optional load dividers sits an additional 4" above cross bar.

Truck Rack on a pickup


Uprights feature a black powder coat finish, with tie-down openings. Durable 1¼" Gatorshield® steel cross bar won't chip, and looks great after years of use. Cross bar works with universal accessories. Gatorshield® is a registered Trademark of Ohio Galvanized Tube (Ashland, OH). Agri-Cover Inc. (ACI) is not related to or affiliated with Ohio Galvanized Tube and is not offering to sell Ohio Galvanized Tube products.

Easy Installation Truck Rack

Easy installation

The rack attaches to truck bed with sturdy, stake pocket inserts

Truck Rack with tie down rail

Tie Down Rails

Allows for quick and easy tie down of all objects. The full length tie down rail allows for multiple tie down locations.

Truck Rack with tie down rail

Optional Load Divider Kit

Makes it easier to keep loads in place. Sold in pairs for use on the front or rear cross bars. Adjustable spacing for different size loads.

Features of the ACCESS® Limited Edition Roll-Up Cover

Exclusive Bonus Features:

EZ-RETRIEVER® II Cargo Reaching Tool

A simple and effective way to reach your gear without opening the cover or crawling in the bed.

ACCESS AA Battery LED Light

ACCESS® AA Battery LED Light

This waterproof light provides bright, energy efficient light and shuts off after 3 minutes to save batteries!

ACCESS Cover Care


A water-based spray cleaner that conditions, cleans, and protects your ACCESS® Brand Roll-Up Cover and other surfaces.

Tie Down Clamps

TIGHT BITE™ Clamps with Tie Down Rings

Attaches cover to bed without the need to drill into bed. Tie down rings are handy and convenient for securing loads and preventing cargo from shifting.

Trail Seal Tailgate

TRAILSEAL® Tailgate Gasket

Seals the entire length of your tailgate preventing dust, dirt, rain or snow from entering.

Plus the quality components you have come to expect from our ACCESS® Original Roll-Up Cover:

Premium Storage Starps

Premium Storage Straps

Our premium straps feature a cab guard design that prevents the cover from rubbing on the cab. Super tough nylon straps secure the rolled up cover.

XT Dial

Tension Control

The XT-DIAL™ Tension Adjuster features an easy grip tension adjuster for perfect tension control. No tools, no hassle.

Auto Latch 2 Locking System

Latching System

Our patented AUTOLATCH II™ Locking System has an automatic, dual locking system that releases both locks in one smooth action. The most reliable latching system on the road.



The fabric is double-coated, commercial grade, reinforced vinyl and is built to last even in extreme hot and cold climates.

Tonneau Side Seal

Side Sealing

Hook & loop fastening system provides a high strength seal that runs the full length of your truck bed. Easy one person operation.


Increased Capacity Rails

The optimal angle of our side rails was designed to provide a lifetime sealing system. The cover rises 1½” above the truck box allowing for increased capacity.

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Review by: Bruce K.- WI   star star star star star

ACCESS<sup>®</sup> LIMITED Roll-Up Cover & ADARAC™ Truck Bed Rack System Customer Review I am impressed with the sturdiness and ease of installation. Plus, the rack matches the contours of my truck precisely and looks like it was designed with my truck in mind. This would be a great rack for a contractor. I am sure there are a lot of businesses with fleet trucks that would greatly benefit from these racks. I will be using it to transport my canoe with me camping while I have my travel trailer hooked up. I didn't have a feasible way to take it camping with me before. This rack is more than I expected.

Review by: Jesse R. - IA   star star star star star

ACCESS<sup>®</sup> LIMITED Roll-Up Cover & ADARAC™ Truck Bed Rack System Customer Review All welds are perfect/flawless. Powder coat application is beautiful. Fit is exact to my 2004 F-150 6.5' box. The instructions were clear, and all hardware was supplied (and is high quality, you can really torque the bolts down). The end result looks fantastic and is rock solid!

Review by: Sean T. - NY   star star star star star

ACCESS<sup>®</sup> LIMITED Roll-Up Cover & ADARAC™ Truck Bed Rack System Customer Review I added an Adarac Truck Bed Rack to my Ford Trucks F150, which already had an Access Roll-Up Cover installed. This rack works great with my truck bed cover. Went together easy.

Review by: John M. - GA   star star star star star

I installed your bed cover and rack this past weekend. The cover went on easier than I thought and when I was confused I just checked the videos. This is my first cover and I really like it. I have to say without a doubt your rack is the best for no drill mounting on a F150.I have had a Yakima Outdoorsman, The Trac Rack, and Thule Xsporter. I disliked them all because of the pressure they exerted on the Ford ribbed bed rail cap. I thought eventually they would crack it. Your system is ideal as it disperses the weight across the whole bed rail while allowing multiple positions and easy removal if the need arises. The use of common SAE wrenches, nuts and bolts only makes your rack all the more awesome.

Review by: Alan H. – MA   star star star star star

I had been looking for a truck rack that would work with the tonneau cover that had already been installed. Most compete for the same side rail "real estate" so would not work. I was looking for a stake pocket secured system. Since I do not always carry long loads I also wanted something where the rear rack could easily be removed. The Adarac Rack is a great solution with an ingenious way of bolting the side rail into place. Perfect for my needs and my truck is black.

Review by: Troy L. – MN   star star star star star

This rack works great with my bed cover. Went together easy. I will easily be able to take the racks off come winter, but will leave the rails on as they look fine on the truck.

Review by: Margaret H. – MN   star star star star star

The Quality was awesome! Solid construction was amazing. Very well built, we were impressed with how heavy duty it is built, it probably will outlast our truck. It was amazing how fast and simple it was to install on the truck. Instructions were easy to follow and we were done installing in less than an hour. The versatility of the side holes are great for tying down all the things that we haul on the racks. Will recommend this product to family and friends.

Review by: Vern N. -OH   star star star star star

ACCESS<sup>®</sup> LIMITED Roll-Up Cover & ADARAC™ Truck Bed Rack System Customer Review With basic tools and a few hours time, I had my racks and cover installed. The product looks great. The tonenau cover is easy to use and more secure than I had imagined. Only reason 4 out of 5 stars, I wish the racks had upright posts to better secure my ladder.