You can count on your SNOWSPORT® snow plow year after year

Thousands of homeowners and small business owners have used SNOWSPORT® Utility Plows to clear their driveways and parking lots each winter. The low-maintenance design allows our customers to count on their SNOWSPORT® Snow Plows year after year.

These snow plows for pick-up trucks and SUVs use a simple mechanism to operate without electrical connections or hydraulic parts. Driving forward engages the plow to cut into and push snow away. Backing up makes the blade lie back, skimming over the terrain. When the driver is ready to make another pass, driving forward re-engages the blade to push snow again.

Rustproof aluminum snow plow blades with rubber cutting edge

SNOWSPORT® Utility Plows feature rustproof aluminum blades with rubber cutting edges to protect concrete and gravel from being damaged by plowing. We offer snow plow accessories like our SNOWSPORT™ Hold Down Strap to provide extra downward pressure on heavy snow and ice. We also offer replacement parts for our utility plows which you can order easily at our online shop.