How long will my tarp last?

Taking care of your tarp is the best way to increase life expectancy. All of our tarps use the same premium commercial grade, UV protected vinyl. Proper tension is the most important aspect for longevity of your tarp. Make sure your tarp is set to the proper tension so buffeting is minimized. Keeping your tarp clean will also increase the life expectancy. Periodically clean off dirt and road grime and keep the tarp and end caps free of debris and grain.

How tight should my tarp be?

There are many things to look at when determining if your tarp is tight enough. To create a good seal, the tarp should be tight against both the front and rear end caps when fully closed. Periodically check the tension of your tarp. If tension needs to be adjusted, the procedures are explained in their respective owner's manuals. Click here for those manuals.

Why won't my bunji return work in really cold weather?

Bunji cord recoil memory will typically take longer if left open for a long period of time or when operated in cold weather. When the weather warms up the bunji will regain elasticity. Keep your tarp closed when storing for long periods in cold weather.

Where can I find the serial number for my tarp?

The serial number for your tarp is printed at the rear of the tarp on the stationary tube side.

Is it worth upgrading to 22oz. fabric?

Our 22 oz. tarp fabric is stronger and will last longer if properly taken care of. We recommend our 22 oz. fabric if you use your tarp frequently.

Will my tarp color fade over time?

All tarps will fade eventually. Our premium commercial grade, UV protected vinyl is designed to resist the sun's harmful UV rays.

What is the warranty on the roll-up tarp?

Agri-Cover, Inc. extends the following Limited Warranty to the original retail purchaser of any AGRI-COVER® Roll Tarp System. Agri-Cover, Inc. warrants these tarps to be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use for one (1) year from date of manufacture unless accompanied by proof of purchase.