Model of Tarp System:
SRT-2 Spool Roll Tarp Manual
SRT-2 Spool Roll Tarp Electric
SRT-2 Spool Roll Tarp w/COMMAND Station
SRT-2 Spool Roll Tarp w/COMMAND-10 Wireless Remote
EZ-LOC Roll-Up Tarp Manual
EZ-LOC Roll-Up Tarp Electric
EZ-LOC Roll-Up Tarp w/COMMAND Station
EZ-LOC Roll-Up Tarp w/COMMAND-10 Wireless Remote
ROLTEC Side Locking Tarp Manual
ROLTEC Side Locking Tarp Electric
ROLTEC Side Locking Tarp w/COMMAND Station
ROLTEC Side Locking Tarp w/COMMAND-10 Wireless Remote
Style of End Caps:
Galvanized (up to 168" wide)
Aluminum (up to 118" wide)
Stainless Steel (up to 118 " wide)
7" Top Mount Top Mount
12" Side Mount Side Mount
On ROLTEC Tarp Quotes, Select Depth of End Caps:
10" Deep Standard 14" Deep Option* 
On EZ-LOC Tarp Quotes, add Bolt-On Bracket Upgrade:
No Yes* 
Offset Bracket Base (For Boxes w/ Out-Turned Top Rail) Offset Bracket Base
Tarp Fabric:
18 oz. 22 oz.** (EZ-LOC & ROLTEC systems only)
Tarp Color:
Standard kit comes with a black tarp.
Please specify if you would like a different color.
Black** White** Gray** Green Blue**
Orange Red** Brown Yellow  
Optional* 18 oz. Multi-Color (Please select 2 colors above)
** 22 oz. fabric available in Black, White, Gray, Blue, Red only
Cart/Wagon Brand/Year:
NOTE: Accurate PHYSICAL measurements are ESSENTIAL for proper tarp fit. Always use actual tape measurements. Never rely on universal box sizes.
Grain Cart Tarps
IMPORTANT: Illustration shows measuring at top of angled extensions - or - If no extensions, measuring at top of box.
Grain Cart Roll Tarps NOTE: If ordering flat or top mount end caps, make sure box is flat across top. Below is an example of a box with uneven angle across top from high side to low side. Flat or top mount caps will not fit this box. Order side mount caps for these boxes.
A: Top Outside Box Length:  Inches
B: Top Outside Box Width:
If box has Extensions,
measure outside to outside of extensions on the angle:
If NO Extensions,
measure outside to outside of box straight across:
C: Box Height (from ground):  Inches
D: Top Rail Width:  Inches
E: Inside Box Width:  Inches
Contact Information:
Contact Person:
How would you prefer we contact you with your quote? Phone     Email
     * Optional items are additional cost

All our Grain Cart/ Wagon roll tarps are custom made to your specific dimensions. Please measure accurately as we do not offer refunds on our tarp systems.